The Five Types Of *N Sync Songs There Are

Thought Catalog

There are fifth graders who have not been alive since the boy band’s retirement. There are people who don’t know we once valued Justin’s back up dancers just as much as we valued him. As such, it is only right that we, the privileged millennials who begged our parents into chaperoning us to the No Strings Attached tour, introduce our boys to a new generation.

While we were busy loading our five-disc boom boxes with all matters of boy band and girl power jams, we probably didn’t notice certain lyrical themes all that quickly. Never fear, however: to prepare us for what could only be the greatest reunion of. all. time we can now call upon the power of our college degrees. (Hey, that crippling debt’s gotta be good for something.)

As such, whether you need to explain to your tween cousin why this potential assemblage is so important to…

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