What are you trying to do?

you dont respond to my messages

but yet your not too busy to find yourself on twitter..

i would call you

but i already know you wont answer,

you say you love me, that you cant love another

but everything is contridicting.

i dont think you understand just how bad you hurt me

the last week i was there.

all i wanted to do was spend the last week with the guy i love,

but you acted like you wanted nothing to do with me.

i was breaking, 

i couldnt keep it together,

and you disappeared.

i needed you,

but you ran.

and now youre doing it all over again.

so what do you want?

to push me away,

to break me into tiny pieces

that can never get put back together?

becuase thats whats happening,

and im left here trying so hard,

to get you to stay.

but i cant get you to stay 

if you want to leave.

just stop playing these games.

im already broken,

in pieces,

you win.

so go if thats what you want.

if youre happy then ill learn to deal.

they all leave.


I really just dont know what to think anymore. i forgot who i used to be. i cant seem to remeber how we were..just what we are now. and i keep thinking “it will get better” “things will fall into place” but im not so sure anymore. you were my everything and i know distance is just so impossible to be in a serious relationship but i dont know..i feel empty without you. my world revolved around you as sad as that is. and im not sure if this pain is from not being together every day like we were for 2 months or if its the face that we arent even a couple anymore. we are just young people completly in love with each other but to afraid to make something out of it. i guess im just really confused of this entire situation. im sorry if i bothered you too much. im sorry.