i may be annoyed by the way you act sometimes

or by some of the things you do

but no one could ever make me love you any less

or them any more

not even the one who spends money on me

or the one who gives me constant attention

or the one who writes me poetry

or the one who whispers sweet nothings in my ear

because at the end of the day

im still thinking of you

and all the ways and reasons

i love you

and how in the big picture

you make me happier

than any of those people combined

you dont have to buy my love

or fake your way to my love

becuase i love you

just the way you are

i love the good side of you

the annoying side of you 

and the bad side of you

and despite all our stupid arguements

i wouldnt give you up

if my life depended on it.


maybe one day youll answer my questions,

youll take sacrifices for me,

youll take time off to “see” me,

youll talk to me like you did months ago,

you show me you love me in little

and big ways,

ill stop getting these anxiety attacks

over you,

ill realize i cant plan my perfect future

with you,

or maybe that day will

never come.