14 Things Only Show Choir Kids Know

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Glee: The Complete Third SeasonGlee: The Complete Third Season

1. Even drunk, your impromptu performances are on point.

Every time you’re a little tipsy, you do the choreography to one of your old show choir songs. Nobody can do a better drunken box step than you.

2. You love massage trains.

The best part of vocal warms-ups was always standing in a line and getting a massage…IN CLASS. No really, this was a daily, teacher-mandated task. Bonus if you had a crush on the bass standing next you. Amirite, ladies?

3. You’re totally comfortable being naked in public.

Quick costume change? Not a problem, just drop your pants right where you’re standing. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve changed on a bus, or ran around backstage with little to no clothes on. It’s not even in a dirty way, it just happens. Choir kids love nudity.

4. You have a complicated affection…

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