Today was my first day of school and its crazy how much freedom i have now that im in college. i also learned that i know absolutly nothing about cameras or camera lingo. i am extremly lost in my visual com class because of that. but im gonna try to post on her more often. and my blog is in dire need of a makeover so maybe ill work on that in between classes tommorrow. that is if i can get onto thier wifi. 



my life.

Im really upset with the fact that i finally kinda sorta figured out what i wanted to go to college for and now all i wanted is washed away. gone in a blink. i should have just kept my mouth shut. i had this amazing idea to go to college next semester, get my buisness degree, and start my own hookah lounge. like my ideas were so perfect and i talked to my boyfriend about it and he seemed pretty excited about it. and we even mentioned some people who we could really benefit working for us. but now the entire idea is gone. like now i have no chance in succedding. my boyfriend decided to have a “buisness meeting” i had no clue about, i had to ask what he was doing cuz he wasnt talking to me. Hes meeting up with his super rich friend who owns these really successful buisness. he’s talking to him about opening a hookah lounge. like im so pissed. the one thing i thought i could actually possibly succeed with and now i have no chance becuase of my own boyfriend. like ya i get the fact that i know you are being successsful with your life and doing things you want and you have people to pay for your college. but i dont. and im not good at much. actually im pretty useless. and now i feel even more useless. i moved and left everything in indiana. and now im here, no friends, no college, no car, no dreams of being successful because im pretty sure its impossible for me. and i know no one will read this but its just nice to get it out of my system seeing how i have no one to talk to. i just feel like a nobody, completly useless like if i dissapreaed it really wouldnt matter.

and i suck at spelling and dont feel like fixing my errors lol